Beginning a Reiki Session
  • Ask your client if they need to use the restroom, or if they would like a glass of water before you begin.


  • If this is a new client, ask them if they have ever had a Reiki session before and discuss it with them if they have not. I tell new clients that Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, to decrease anxiety and relieve depression. It also has physical healing properties as well. Let them know that Reiki is hands on and hands off, and tell them which of these you usually do to make sure they are comfortable with your preferred method.


  • Have the client lie on their back, arms down by their side. Niether legs nor arms should be crossed. After the client is comfortable, prepare the sage and smudge them first and then yourself again.


  • At this time, help the client achieve a meditative state. You can guide them in a meditation**, you can ask them to take deep breaths and breathe with them for a short period of time, or you can play a short guided meditaiton that you like from YouTube or other sources. Once you are satisfied that they are meditating, or beginning to meditate, you gently release yourself from them and prepare for the Reiki session.


If you are using a pendulum, you can check their chakras at anytime during this routine. After you sage them or after the meditation. If you forget, then check their chakras after your Prayer of Intent.


Prayer of Intent


In Reiki 1, you will begin with a prayer of intent. I have a couple of suggestions below to guide you in forming one that encompasses everything you are seeking for your Reiki sessions.


I asked my higher power to help me channel a perfect Reiki session for (insert persons name). Please allow my Reiki to go on where it needs to in order to heal this person where they need it most.


Another version:


I'm asking my higher power to help me be a channel for Reiki in order to give a perfect healing session to this person.  Please allow my Reiki guides to help me give love, Light, balance, and healing energy.


Mine is:


To the Creator, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Master Usui, and my Reiki guides: please allow me to channel perfect Reiki energy by so that I may give this person a perfect session/attunement (attunement is when I have students). Please allow their Higher Power to channel through me so that they may feel everything they need to while they are here and after. 


Once you have saged the client, helped them to meditate, checked them with a pendulum if you are using one, and have said your prayer of intent, you are ready to begin your Reiki session!


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*The five elements are: water, fire, earth, air, spirit. On an altar, this can be a candle, small bowl or cup of water (Reiki this water), stone or a crystal or potted plant, incense, and a Higher Power and/or spiritual guides that are with you.


**Click here to read my chakra guided meditation.




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