After explaining that chakra is sanskrit for wheel, and telling the client that the seven main chakras can be found in a line through the middle of the body (the meridian), I begin by having them take deep breaths. You can explain to them that on the inhale, their stomach should expand and then collapse with the inhale. This will open their diaphragm and allow their blood to be more oygenated which will decrease stress and allow for less anxiety. This is how they naturally breathe when they are sleeping.


Once they have taken a few deep breaths, begin the guided meditation:


"When we begin the meditation, I want you to imagine that you are breathing in from the soles of your feet. This breath, this life force energy, travels up the center of your body, strengthening each chakra until you reach the Crown Chakra. Allow that breath to burst forth with white light from the top of your head. This can be a beacon of light, a ball of light, or thousands of white lights. On your exhale, I want you to imagine drawing that white light all over your body.


Now let's inhale, your breath spinning each chakra in balance, shining through your Crown Chakra in a pure white light, and let's exhale in order to draw that healing light all over your body. Inhale again and bring that light back in through the soles of your feet. Allow it to burst forth from your Crown so that you can exhale, and the warmth of the light will flow to the parts of your body that need healing. Draw your breath in again...


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