Children's Meditation at Unity Yoga and Wellness

Shooting Stars Meditation:

In class we have been working on breathing exercises, navigating between high energy and calm energy, calming activities, meditative postures, and the "Om" mantra. To support and continue these practices at home, parents and guardians can:

~Encourage the children to share what they learned at home each week.

~Play soothing meditation music* during calm activities such as coloring, bath time, puzzles, bed time, etc.

~In the morning and before bed, participate in breathing exercises with the child for 60 to 120 seconds.

~Sit with legs crossed with the child and practice the "Om" mantra for 60 to 120 seconds.

Rays of Light Meditation:

We have discussed times when high energy is appropriate, and when we need to have calming energy. We have also discussed times of stress in which bringing calming energy into our personal space will help us feel less stress (they gave examples of storms, arguments with siblings, before a test). We have worked on breathing exercises, managing high and low energy activities, gratitude, and mantras. For in-home practice:

~Continue to play meditation music* during calm activities in the home, especially bedtime.

~Discuss the gratitude mantra with the child and encourage the daily use of the mantra.

~Encourage deep abdominal breathing for 3 to 5 breaths before focusing on the gratitude mantra.

*Do NOT play brain entrainment/binaural beat meditation music. Children under 16, pregnant women, and anyone susceptible to seizures should not listen to this music. 

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