As a Reiki 1 Practitioner, when you are ending a session, you want to make sure you seal the session with love and Light. To begin ending preparations, sage the client for a final time. Stand at their feet with your hands held up and toward them, and hold space for a couple of minutes, allowing the Reiki to flow through you to them. In your head, you can say:


I seal this session with love and with Light. Please allow healing energy to stay with this person [or insert name] on their journey.  


You can say anything similar as well if you prefer your own script. Cut all chords with this client and gently let them know you are getting them some water, and that they can have the peaceful room for a couple of minutes. Even if they have water, go ahead and get them some more so that they have some quiet time, and you can Reiki fresh water for them. Knock gently before reentering, and then go back into the room. Before giving them their reading/consultation, ask them how they are feeling and explian the importance of water for the next 24 hours.


re-energize with riv


refresh     renew     restore

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