You can use the color green to help keep this Chakra balanced. Wearing green clothing, sleeping on green sheets, and focusing on nature are all excellent ways of accessing the color vibrations that support the fourth Chakra. When this Chakra is out of balance, you may feel anxiety and/or depression, experience co-dependence in your relationships or at least difficulties in relationships (especially romantic ones), lack of forgiveness, loneliness, and jealousy. In order to balance this chakra, try one or more of the following:


  • Have all of your chakras balanced. You can make an appointment with me to balance your chakras in a 15 minute session, or book a full Reiki session as chakra balancing is included. If you are not local, you can request a distance healing, or search for holistic healers that specialize in chakra balancing in your area. 

  • Chanting and meditation is great for all of the chakras. To focus on the Heart Chakra, chant the word, “Yam” while breathing deeply and slowly. If you can chant this soul sound using a B note, this will deepen your meditation. The Heart Chakra opens to both the word Yam and the note B.

  • Spending time in nature will calm the Fourth Chakra. Green is the color associated with this Chakra, and green is all around you once you step outside. Go earthing, sit under a tree, or take a nature walk. You can grow an herb garden inside, place fresh flowers around your home, or place more plants in your house.

  • Green foods are essential to keeping this Chakra balanced. Try leafy green vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, and kale. Or choose broccoli, peas, cabbage, or brussel sprouts as your vegetable at dinner. You can eat green apples, grapes, honeydew melon, avocados and kiwi fruit if you want to sweeten your green fare.

  • Visit to order heart chakra tea. 

  • The gemstones associated with this Chakra are: Rose quartz, green aventurine, malachite, rhodochrosite, emerald, peridot, moss agate, and green tourmaline.


The Heart Chakra is in the center of the 7 Chakras. When this Chakra is balanced, you will find that the other Chakras are easier to balance as well. The Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakra support the Heart Chakra, while the Heart Chakra provides the necessary healthy energy to keep the Throat, Third-Eye, and Crown Chakra spinning properly.


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