Meditation is the process of experiencing a state of pure awareness. With a daily meditation practice, you can reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, relieve depression, lower cholesterol, reduce sleeplessness, along with many more health and wellness benefits.


Quieting the mind is at the heart of "Re-energize with Riv." It assists those who practice to rejuvenate, refresh, renew, restore, and re-energize the connection to mind, body, and spirit. 


There are many ways to meditate. At Re-energize with Riv, we concentrate on Transformation Meditation techniques, visualization, and guided meditations. To take meditation classes, click here to view the schedule at Unity Yoga & Wellness for class descriptions and times. To book private classes or a seminar, click on the contact page  and email Riv for more information.

The Art of Meditation

re-energize with riv


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