Sky blue is the color that vibrates on the same frequency as the Throat Chakra. When cleansing and/or balancing this chakra, keep this color around you. When this chakra is unbalanced, you may feel incapable of expressing yourself, or on the other end of the spectrum, you may communicate negative energy to everyone around you. Since the throat chakra can cause the other chakras to become off balance, it is extremely important to practice any of the following techniques to keep all of the chakras aligned.


  • By balancing all of your chakras, you will keep your throat chakra spinning properly. You can schedule a chakra balancing appointment with me (local or distance healing), or search for a holistic healer in your area. 

  • Try meditating or chanting to connect with your throat chakra. By repeating the sound, “HAM,” you will be able to balance this chakra. Try chanting HAM in the note B as the sound of the word and this note together are powerful tools for keeping the Throat Chakra spinning at the proper rate.

  • Proper nutrition for the Throat Chakra is very important when concentrating on this chakra. Blue foods are an important part of the 5th chakra diet. Blueberries are an excellent way of improving positive self-expression. In addition, any food that is soothing to the throat will also aid in calming or energizing (depending on what you need) this chakra. For example, if you juice fruits and vegetables, the high nutrition factor in addition to the soothing feeling of the liquid on your throat

  • Drink Throat Chakra tea. You can order some from

  • Gemstones that balance and activate your Throat Chakra are: Blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, turquoise, blue aragonite, and aquamarine.



All of our chakras support our energy field to create harmony, balance, manifestation, grounding, spirituality, and so many more aspects of our life.  How we communicate all of these entities is through the Throat Chakra so keeping it balanced is an important part of our entire chakra system.


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