After you say your Prayer of Intention, draw all three symbols into both of your palms. After each symbol, say the name in your head three times. This will help ignite your Reiki. Begin the Reiki session, and before you lay your hands on each chakra, draw the Cho Ku Rei. At this time, I draw the counter clockwise CKR to balance the chakras. For the throat chakra, heart chakra, and solar plexus, I also draw the Sei He Ki in addition to the CKR. The SHK symbol draws the energy of emotional healing and is vital for these three chakras. If you feel any other chakra needs the SHK, draw it as you work on balancing that area. When your client turns over (if you decide to turn them over), use the symbols as you feel you need them. When they turn back for the last time, you can use CKR going clockwise to re-energize the chakras, and use SHK as needed. As you finish your session, stand at your client's feet and draw a large CKR counterclockwise to re-energize them. Say Cho Ku Rei three times in your head. Then draw CKR clockwise to re-energize your client and repeat the name three time. Draw a large SHK for emotional healing and say Sei He Ki three times. End your session as normal.

Incorporating Reiki Symbols Into Your Session

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