Visual Meditation can be internal, as you use your conscious mind to conjure peaceful images, or external, as you gaze as at image or object. This tutorial is for gazing meditation.

Find a comfortable and peaceful spot to begin your meditation. You can begin in a seated position on a chair with your feet on the floor, or you can sit on a mat or cushion with your legs crossed. Select the item or items you wish to gaze at and place them in front of you. Begin with a deep abdominal breath. Inhale and allow your diaphragm to expand, hold the breath gently for a couple seconds, and then exhale and allow your stomach to gently collapse. Remember to retain your posture during your meditation so that your rib cage can fully expand and you can properly oxygenate your blood.


After three to five deep abdominal breaths, and turn your focus to the object you will be looking at during your meditation. Allow your eyes to eyelids to droop slightly. You want to keep your eyes open, but not wide open.  Now focus on the object. If it is a candle, for example, watch the flame flicker back and forth. If it is a small fountain, watch the water gently cascading. If a thought or a feeling surfaces, take another deep abdominal breath, and gently redirect your focus back to the object in front of you. When you are ready, open your eyes wide and look at the object, and then slowly around the room to fully return to present. For a deeper understanding of how to do this meditation, click here for introductory meditation videos.

Below are three different pages you can visit in order to begin a gazing meditation. 

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